Dreamweaver Foundation has seen many dreamers travel near and far, and of all the destinations to choose from, Janet was set on Ada, Oklahoma. With reconnecting with her family in mind, Janet chose Ada, as it is where her sister calls home.

Dreaming of reconnecting with her loved ones, Janet decided the trip to Ada should be a family affair. With a twelve-passenger van full of nine family members, luggage, and plenty of snacks for the road, Janet and her entourage hit the open road. With over 500 miles ahead of them, the group decided to stop in Wamego, Kansas, to check out The Oz Museum, highlighting the classic movie The Wizard of Oz.

Janet took in the sights of the museum and all things Oz-related with her family. While at the museum, Janet purchased a pair of red ruby slippers. With her version of the icon footwear, Janet decided they should take a trip down the Yellow Brick Road, which was also a feature in the town.

Once back on the road, the group opted for a scenic route allowing them to twist and wind their way south while taking in the views. Upon arrival in Ada, Janet and her family checked into the sprawling rental home and caught up on rest after a long day of travel.

The weekend was full of family get-togethers and enjoying each other’s company. With her sister, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and great-nieces and nephews all in attendance, plenty of chatter kept them occupied. With gorgeous fall weather in the upper 70s, the family decided it was the perfect temperature to enjoy the outdoors and grill their meal. Janet had to make sure she had a little alone time with her sister, so the pair took off to enjoy a little thrift shopping and check out the local garage sales. A trip to the roller skating rink was also necessary to keep all the children entertained.

Janet wore a joyful expression on her face throughout the entire weekend. Being surrounded by her loved ones and reconnecting with her extended family, Janet enjoyed each minute of the trip, with her only complaint being it wasn’t long enough!