Time away in nature was exactly what Jane needed. But just as important as nature was to her, so was having all of her family in one place at the same time. To combine the best of both worlds, Dreamweaver sent Jane and family on a weekend getaway to a beautiful log cabin in the woods in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

She requested a tranquil getaway where she could truly have quiet personal time with each child and grandchild who she loved very much. The cabin had a large family room and kitchen area where the family could make meals, listen to music, play and relax all together.

Jane had worked hard her entire life—raising a family as a single mother while working full-time as a first responder. She was busy working, playing, cooking, listening to good music, watching great TV shows, for many years. So now as her health declined, Jane simply wanted to relax and enjoy the company of others.

The group of 14 family members enjoyed Labor Day weekend exploring and soaking in the beauty of nature. The cabin sat on acres of forested land, small creeks, and little critters running around. The days were enjoyed exactly at whatever pace Jane and family wanted them to be. Her Dream was fulfilled because she was surrounded by beauty, both in the faces of her family and the wind in the trees.