James is a man with simple needs, wants, and pleasures. His nurses say he doesn’t ask for a lot, yet he has several dreams. Upon meeting James, he talked about wanting to sky dive, however once he learned it was an impossibility, he changed his mind to something a bit lower key. James’ family lives in Texas and can only visit him every so often. The Dreamweaver team worked with James’ social worker to organize a family visit from his son and his wife; his daughter and her husband and kids; and James’ ex-wife.

One luxury James does love is filet mignon, so the Dreamweaver team arranged for a private family dining room at Brother Sebastian’s. The entire family traveled in style to the restaurant in a stretch limo that picked them all up from his residence. Once at the restaurant, James and his family were able to catch up with each other while enjoying a delicious dinner. James was happy to have his family together and had a great time at dinner, reminiscing about good times and making new memories!