James spent many years as a taxi driver. He was familiar with traveling long distances and enjoyed spending time in the car. He visited different cities and towns and found it adventurous to take in the local culture of whatever area he was in. James also found great joy in gambling at casinos.

For his Dream, James wanted to take one last long car ride, but this time in a limo. James and his aides from AseraCare traveled the three hours from Grand Island to Council Bluffs so he could have his fun Dream Day at Harrah’s Casino.

Harrah’s graciously donated lunch buffet tickets so the group could share a delicious meal together before hitting the floor. They had traveled quite the distance, so they worked up an appetite! After lunch, James was anxious to see the bright lights and enchanting noises of the gambling floor.

He spent most of his time playing the slot machines and had a blast being at the place he’d enjoyed many years before. Even though he didn’t win the jackpot, the memories he made and the time he spent on his little adventure were a big enough jackpot for him.

Thank you to AseraCare, VIP Limo, and Harrah’s Casino for making James’ Dream a reality!