James was born and raised in Spearsville, Louisiana. He moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to start his career. He began as a barber, but after a couple years decided, he wanted to cut grass instead of hair! For years, he and his best friend had a lawn care business that he loved. After a couple more years working in the hot, humid Arkansas weather, he decided to be a body shop parts driver. He quickly learned he enjoyed driving around the city and from town to town-delivering parts. Even though James has been living in Omaha, NE with his wife, Janette, for the last eight years, he could give you directions to anywhere in Little Rock and tell you what landmarks are nearby!

James and his wife have a love story that could be a Lifetime Movie. While living in Little Rock, James ran into a friend. That friend gave her best friend, Janette in Omaha, NE a call; letting her know she was going to set-up Janette with a tall, handsome man named James. The only downfall was they were 9 hours away! Janette had recently moved from Little Rock to be closer to family in Nebraska. She had no plans of moving back to Little Rock let alone visit anytime soon. She wasn’t sure how she could start a long distance relationship, but she was willing to give it a try! For 6 months, James and Janette talked on the phone everyday…sometimes all day! They were instantly smitten with each other. On April 11, 2010 after months of talking and never meeting, James moved to Omaha to be with the love of his life. After traveling all day on a bus, James and Janette married in a neighborhood chapel.

Little Rock holds a special place in James’ heart. Little Rock is where he spent most of his life and how he “met” Janette. It has been many years since he has been back to Arkansas due to health complications that make traveling difficult. Ruth, a friend of the couple, heard James talking about hoping to visit friends and family in Little Rock one day. Ruth immediately knew who could help make this happen, Dreamweaver Foundation!

Within a few short weeks, VIP Limo escorted James and Janette to the airport for a trip to Arkansas. James was most excited to see his best friend and reminisce about the good ole days over chicken fried steak at Golden Corral. The couple sent five days, traveling around the area visiting and laughing with friends and family. They had a great trip, but were ready to leave the Arkansas humidity for a little less humid weather in Nebraska. James said, “I appreciate this trip and Dreamweaver Foundation for making it all happen”.

Thank you VIP Limo and Travel and Transport for partnering with us to fulfill James’ Dream.