James Springs was a man of great adventure. He told stories of his life as a drifter in his motorcycle group, exploring back roads and small town bars. He shared about his family in the south and his time in the service. He has seen a lot and was excited to see even more.

James Springs also knew what he wanted. He was an assertive man and was absolutely positive some time in his “southern homeland” would bring him great peace and happiness despite his increasing health decline. He knew he had to take a trip to visit friends and family, and Dreamweaver was happy to be able to make that Dream come true.

James started his trip visiting Dallas, Texas. He had some buddies there that he had been friends with for decades, but hadn’t seen in close to 20 years. James was blown away at how large and busy Dallas had grown to become. But as a man of great travel, he was able to navigate and get to his destination by himself with little difficulty.

After a few days with friends, he hopped back on a plane and flew to Alabama. Here, he spent time with family—learning more about their lives, visiting their schools, and seeing bucket list attractions like Hank William’s Cemetery. He loved seeing his daughter and spending time making new memories with her.

When he returned back to Iowa, James called and said he “had the time of his life” and was grateful to Dreamweaver for making this one last adventure one of the best ones yet.