It isn’t every day that you turn 100 years old, and what better way to celebrate than with all your favorite things? With a love for chips, salsa, guacamole, and queso cheese dip, Inez wanted to have a 100th birthday fiesta! The Dreamweaver team stayed true to the theme and included even more of Inez’s favorite things – a birthday cake, a variety of cookies, popcorn, ice cream sundaes, and red roses! 

On the day of her special fiesta, Inez enjoyed being pampered. Her hair was styled to perfection by our friend, Pam Hall. Inez was dazzling in her new red attire. And no birthday outfit is complete without the proper accessories – Inez’s was perfected with a 100th birthday sash, sombrero hat, and birthday crown! 

Before joining her friends, Inez and her family enjoyed a special, intimate time together, dining on her favorite meal- chipotle enchiladas from Hacienda Real! Escorted by her family, Inez then made her way to the community room, which was beautifully decorated for her birthday fiesta. The room was filled with a variety of bright colors and miniature sombreros for all the party guests to wear. Inez was showered with love by her friends and family as they all enjoyed delicious food and celebrated her milestone birthday!  The Dreamweaver team was overjoyed to help Inez celebrate this very special birthday!