Growing up in Russia and Lithuania, Inessa held many childhood memories near and dear to her heart. She always loved listening to classical and jazz music, attending the opera and ballet, and especially spending time with her family. When the Dreamweaver team met with Inessa to discuss her Dream, it was mentioned that she would love to have a meal with her family for her birthday. So, the decision was made to have two of her favorite foods catered into the Brookestone Meadows family dining room: La Casa pizza and crab legs from Happy Hollow Club.

On December 11th, Inessa was joined by family members to celebrate her birthday. She was dressed in a pretty, light pink sweater adorned with a red rose corsage and beautiful, sparkly jewelry. The family dining room was decorated with a birthday banner, classy linens, and rose flower arrangements. Everyone celebrated and sang to Inessa as she blew out the candles on her Lithuanian torte dessert. It was a wonderful afternoon spent showering Inessa with love and birthday wishesThe Dreamweaver team was happy to have had a part in making these special birthday memories for Inessa and her family.