FULL OF LIFE!! This is truly the only way to describe the outgoing and vibrant Ilene Brown! Our friends from AseraCare Hospice reached out to the Dreamweaver team after learning about Ilene’s immense love for her all-time favorite band, The Whispers.  

When asked about The Whispers, Ilene immediately stood up and began dancing around her hospital room. Ilene has been a fan of the band since 1973 and over the years she has had the opportunity to see them in concert. The Dreamweaver team reached out to The Whispers online and was blown away by the response! After learning about Ilene and her Dream, The Whispers voiced they were more than happy to fulfill Ilene’s Dream and have a video chat! 

Not only did The Whispers set up a video chat, they also mailed Ilene the ultimate fan package! Ilene was gifted a beautiful shirt, CDs, and so much more! Dreamweaver volunteer, Kelly, joined in to help fulfill the Dream and provide expert IT support! With her sister and favorite staff members by her side, Ilene video chatted with The Whispers! Ilene shared her unforgettable memories of seeing them in concert and reminisced about her love for the band. We cannot thank The Whispers enough for making Ilene’s dream come true!



Thank you so much for nominating Ilene for our Dream program! Ilene is so vibrant and full of life, I was delighted to fulfill her Dream! Ilene enjoyed a wonderful video call with her beloved band, The Whispers. Not only that, but Ilene enjoyed a new comfortable outfit from Dreamweaver and the ultimate fan package from the band themselves! I can’t thank you enough for all you did to help coordinate and make Ilene’s Dream come true!

The Whispers,  

Thank you so much for making Ilene’s dream come true! Ilene is one of your biggest fans and she couldn’t believe her dream of talking to The Whispers came true! Ilene LOVED the package you sent and the CD has been playing nonstop in her hospital room! Ilene has always been full of life, but the zoom call has provided her with new unfound energy! Thank you once again! 


Thank you for volunteering for Ilene’s dream! I greatly appreciate you volunteering your time and working on a Dream that was later in the evening! Ilene has been beaming since her Dream. She has always been full of life, but the zoom call has provided her with new unfound energy! Ilene has been listening to her new CD’s nonstop and has been dancing around her room! Thank you once again!

Thank you,