If you are anything like Helen, you love seeing the beauty of your natural surroundings. Born and raised in Emporia, Kansas and moving to Omaha when she was just 19, Helen has always had a spark for life and adventure. With trips under her belt to Ireland, Egypt, Boston, the Grand Canyon, and several cruises just to name a few, she is no stranger to appreciating all that nature has to offer. While COVID-19 and her own health concerns have prohibited her from traveling like she would like to, this has not stopped her from admiring the world outside her window and the majesty of the wildlife that inhibit it, especially the birds!

This passion for birdwatching led to her desire for a birdfeeder and birdwatching supplies. While a simple request, it was one that has considerably brightened Helen’s days and spirits since. Armed with her binoculars, bird identification book, and journal, she can watch and document the daily visitors to her very own birdfeeder, seeing and enjoying them better than ever before. She can now bring this beautiful and entertaining outside world in, and do what she has always done, appreciate nature’s wonderful display.

A special thanks to Heather Bartunek from Serene Care Hospice for the nomination, Helen’s family for assisting in the planning, and The Waterford at Miracle Hills for all their help in coordinating and helping Helen’s dream come true!