Helene, who insists no one is ever too old to celebrate, was recently gifted a surprise 100th birthday party by the Dreamweaver Team. With the help of her son, the Dreamweaver team planned Helene a true celebration! Helene is a beloved member of the small-town community of Lyons, Nebraska. The local newspaper, The Lyons Mirror Sun, wrote an article on Helene and invited the entire town to help celebrate her birthday! 

On the big day, Helene was pampered by the beauticians at Oaklands Heights. Her surprise birthday party took place at her son’s film studio, where her family and friends had gathered to shower Helene with love, birthday wishes, and many, many cards! Helene’s family members traveled from across the Midwest, coming from as far as Wisconsin, to celebrate her 100th birthday. Helene enjoyed catching up with old friends, neighbors, and family members at her party while enjoying delicious snacks. 

With the help of Dreamweaver volunteers and Growing Hearts Childcare, Helene was showered with over 110 birthday cards! The gifts did not stop there, as Helene received numerous beautiful bouquets of flowers. And no birthday is complete without a cake and Helene enjoyed her favorite kind, a Dairy Queen birthday cake. Helene loved every bit of her surprise birthday celebration and proved she, even after 100 years, is still not too old to celebrate!