Here at Dreamweaver Foundation, we believe that it’s never too late to dream! We encourage seniors living with terminal illness to never give up hope, and to find whatever comfort they can hold onto during their final days. Each Dream is unique, and we take the lead from our Dreamers.  For some, Dream experiences are vacations to warm places, reunions with family, or a front row seat to watch their favorite team (or band) play!  For others, Dreams have fewer bells and whistles, and are designed to meet the Dreamers where they are, with simple gestures that are individually designed to bring hope, comfort, and peace.

Glo was nominated for a Dream by her care team at Sumner Place in Lincoln, NE. Glo’s health was rapidly declining, and she was receiving hospice services.  Knowing that this would be her last Christmas, her team wanted to give her something to look forward to—a trip to her favorite holiday show—The Nutcracker!  Glo’s friend and guardian, Eileen, would accompany Glo to the performance.  Eileen told us that with Glo’s health, she had good days and bad, and during their last visit, Glo seemed restless and kept saying, “Good boy”, to an imagined dog in the room.  Eileen hoped that Glo would have a good day for The Nutcracker so that she could fully appreciate the experience, but for the meantime, Eileen was thrilled that the anticipation of the event was enough to bring a smile to Glo’s face!

We scheduled Glo’s pre-dream meeting for her birthday, which happened to land just two weeks before the show. Eileen’s words helped us to plan the perfect gift: an Ageless Innovations Interactive Robot Toy Dog.  Glo’s face lit up when we presented this life-like pup to her wrapped in a Dreamweaver blanket.  She smiled when it moved, gasped when it barked, and quickly held it close in her lap to stroke its soft fur.  In the days that followed, Glo’s care team noticed that she still smiled whenever anyone mentioned her upcoming show, and that she seemed calmer and more at peace whenever her birthday gift was in her arms.

Unfortunately, Glo passed away the day before her Nutcracker Dream.  She was a wonderful lady, and she will be missed by all who knew her.  Dreamweaver Foundation would like to extend our gratitude to the staff at Sumner Place for helping us give Glo the gift of hope, and to her dear friend, Eileen, for helping us to find the perfect present to give Glo something tangible to hold onto that would fill her final days with a sense of comfort and peace.