Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and moving to Nebraska at a young age, Gerald has always had a love for food that reminds him of his birth home. His passion for food and cooking helped him start a career as a chef. Gerald worked in many different restaurants, but loved cooking most for his family and friends. His specialty dish was mouth-watering lasagna.

April from Florence Home knows how much Gerald’s family means to him and how hard the last few months have been due to his diagnosis. His condition makes it hard to leave the facility and prevents him from doing what he loves, cooking for his family. April contacted Dreamweaver Foundation to nominate Gerald to fulfill his dream of having a meal with his family.

After a rainy morning, the sun startied shining just in time for Gerald’s family to arrive. Gerald was welcomed to the Florence Home garden by 15 family members. He looked handsome in his new khaki shorts and polo shirt. Before digging into the buffet of food, Amber Rae photographed the Baltimore family.

Gerald and family said, “the afternoon went so well, we really appreciate what Dreamweaver Foundation has done for us. Gerald had a blast, enjoyed the food and was sad to see his family leave.”

Thank you Florence Home, AseraCare Omaha, Amber Rae Photography, Lonnell’s Southern Delight and AAA Rents.