Gene is a quiet man who doesn’t ask for much. However, the staff at Emerson Nursing Home wanted to create a special event for Gene, so they reached out to Dreamweaver Foundation for assistance. Knowing Gene and what makes him smile, good food and his family, a plan was quickly formulated to provide Gene with his two favorite things. 

Gene’s family was thrilled to join him for this special occasion.  And Gene was surprised and pleased to have his great-grandchildren in attendance too!  The Dream team had learned that Gene used to drive a semi-truck, so they included that detail in the day by finding plates and napkins featuring semi-trucks for the meal.  As Gene and his family gathered for their meal, they took time to notice and appreciate these personalized details.  And were totally amazed when they discovered that the Dream team had even located the license plates from a truck that Gene used to drive! 

After some time spent catching up with one another, Gene and his family dined on a savory meal, complete with dessert, from Sneaky’s Chicken in Sioux City. Gene happily relished his chicken and side dishes.  And he was especially happy to be enjoying this meal with his loved ones. He noted that the food was “really good” and could not believe how much food there was for him and his family. The Dream team was happy to bring Gene the joy of a great meal and even better company.