Gene is a humble and hard-working man who takes pleasure in the little things in life.  A factory worker for most his life, he said the things that bring him the most joy are sports, his family, and a good meal. Gene wanted to treat his doting wife (and himself) to a romantic dinner at Cascio’s Steakhouse, his favorite restaurant. Between the pandemic and his failing health, he had not been out since Christmas and really wanted this evening to be special.

Together with our partners and a wonderful volunteer, we were able to create a night for Gene and his wife that he said laterthey would never forget. Gene looked quite dashing in his new clothes and said he felt like a star riding to the restaurant in his limo. Waiting for the devoted couple at Casio’s was a special table decorated to celebrate the love and appreciation he has for his wife.  Dreamweaver’s volunteer photographer captured in treasured photos this special evening for them.

Gene and his lovely wife were able to spend the evening enjoying a wonderful meal and reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company like there wasn’t a care in the world, which was exactly the kind of evening Gene had been dreaming about.

Thank you to Cascio’s Steakhouse, JC Penney, VIP Limo, and Hillcrest Hospice for helping to make Gene’s dream come to life!