There is nothing better than an afternoon at the zoo with a special someone or two! Gayle’s Dream was to enjoy a day in the fresh air at no other place than Omaha’s own, Henry Doorly Zoo. Donning a colorful new coral cardigan to match her new outfit, Gayle, her husband, Doug, and special caregiver, Christine, made their way to Omaha. 

Gayle had a wonderful time at the zoo, simply stating it was “good, good, good!” With so many options and sights to see, the group made their way around the zoo, squeezing in as many of the amazing exhibits as they possibly could! Gayle gleefully took in the sights of the aquarium, including exotic fish, sharks, and jellyfish.  After traveling a short distance across the zoo, Gayle was transported to the continent of Africa, where she saw the majesty of the elephants and giraffes. To make the day even more memorable, a baby elephant was born while they were at the zoo! 

We can’t forget Gayle’s favorite part of the day, hanging out with the meerkats! Gayle was delighted to watch the little bushy brown animals as they entertained her by sitting in a rocking chair and one even showing his broken arm. The “darling little things were a scream” and proved to be the highlight of the day! 

Dreamweaver Foundation was pleased to help Gayle’s Dream of a trip to the zoo come true.