When Gary first heard he was nominated for a Dream, he decided he wanted to attend his first college basketball game! This came as no surprise to anyone, as Gary has always been a major sports fan. Gary took a look at the Nebraska Men’s Basketball team schedule and quickly decided the rivalry game, Nebraska vs. Iowa, was the game for him! 

Gary prepped for the game by dressing in his brand-new Husker gear, given to him especially for his Dream. With the help of our friends at CareOne Transport, Gary was on his way to Lincoln for the game! But first, they stopped at Gary’s favorite restaurant, Village Inn. While gathered with his family and friends, Gary enjoyed a delicious egg and mushroom omelet. With a full stomach and plenty of energy, Gary was on his way to the big game in Lincoln!

Our friends at the University of Nebraska Lincoln graciously donated a suite to Gary and his entourage, ensuring maximum comfort while they enjoyed the game! Nebraska Husker forward, Juwan Gary, was the leading scorer for the team, and Gary enjoyed telling his friends that he was the leading scorer without even having to touch the ball! Gary enjoyed cheering on the Huskers while they battled the Iowa Hawkeyes to victory! When asked about his Dream, Gary noted the entire Dream was “awesome” and that “it was all my favorite!”  

The Dreamweaver team was happy that they could make it possible for Gary to attend his first college basketball game.  And Gary looks forward to continuing to cheer on the Huskers for the remainder of the season!