Galen’s love for casinos started when he lived in Reno, Nevada for 10 years. When he returned to his hometown of Council Bluffs, he was excited to see casinos had been legalized and make their way to Iowa.


When Mary, AseraCare Hospice Social Worker, asked Galen what his dream was, h

e said, to play slot machines again! Galen moved to Glen Haven Home in Glenwood, IA a few years ago when his COPD started acting up. He missed the rush of gambling and the free rum and cokes!

Galen had a big smile on this face when Midwest Medical pulled up to Harrah’s. Dawn from Harrah’s welcomed Galen and presented him with $25 Slot Play, Harrah’s t-shirt and mug. He couldn’t wait to start gambling! Galen was burning through his cash so quickly his sister, Valerie, and AseraCare Aide, Lauren, thought he was going to lose all this money in the first 20 minutes! Finally, his luck turned around and he started winning. Galen left Harrah’s with $500 in winnings!

Thank you Harrah’s Casino, AseraCare Hospice Council Bluffs, Glen Haven and Midwest Medical for partnering with us to fulfill Galen’s dream.