Fred has led an impressive life full of adventure, success, and friendships.  As a legally deaf man, he never let that challenge hold him back. He achieved a college education, embarked on a solo European tour, and held several supervisory positions throughout his life.  The secret to Fred’s success is a combination of resiliency, and interpersonal skills that transcend communication barriers.

Fred moved to Sky View Villas Assisted Living in Norfolk during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the relationships he formed with staff and other residents during this isolating time have been bright spots.  Fred had success in the past with using an amplifier to assist with communication, but he did not have that device now, and he wished for nothing more than to hear the voices of his new friends at Sky View Villa.  Fred’s hospice social worker, Jennifer, knew that Dreamweaver Foundation could help Fred realize his dream of connecting with others.

Fred helped us find the exact type of amplifier that would make a world of difference for him, and he was so thankful that Dreamweaver Foundation was able to help him get the device that would allow him to feel closer to the people who have seen him through this difficult year.  While we were happy to be able to make such an impact on Fred’s everyday life, we wanted to do for him what we do best: create an incredible experience!  With the help of Deb from Sky View Villa and Fred’s social worker, Jennifer from Faith Regional Hospice, we were able to plan a party in Fred’s honor with many of his friends and neighbors from the facility! The group enjoyed Fred’s favorite foods—spaghetti, lasagna, and a big cake that featured an important reminder inscribed in icing: “Dream Big!”, a phrase that Fred lives by!

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank Faith Regional Hospice Services for introducing us to Fred via our nomination process.  We would also like to thank Deb at Sky View Villa for helping us coordinate a party for Fred and his friends, and to Hy-Vee in Norfolk for their help with catering!