Years ago, on a small farm in Iowa, a young Francis sat down at a piano. With piano lessons in town and the barrier of distance prohibiting him from attending the lessons, Francis decided he would teach himself to play the piano. With an ear for music, Francis did just that and his keen memory allowed him to memorize his favorite songs. 

Over the years, Francis continued to fine tune his piano talents and shared his music with others, ranging from playing for his family to playing at weddings and special events. Lately, Francis has been dreaming of taking his talents to new heights with his eye set on playing a pipe organ! Knowing of Francis’s desire to play a pipe organ and his natural ability to shine in the limelight, CHI Hospice reached out to Dreamweaver Foundation to make Francis’s pipe organ Dream come true!  

Luckily for Francis, the perfect venue for his Dream was conveniently located less than a mile away, at First Plymouth Congregational Church, the home of the magnificent Lied Chancel Organ featuring over 6,000 pipes!  First Plymouth Church graciously agreed to make Francis’s pipe organ Dream come true. And before long, Francis’s friends and family were making their way to Lincoln to share in the concert!

Francis arrived at his concert venue the only way a star should arrive, in a limousine! He was dressed to impress with a new outfit, including a tie featuring piano keys and music notes! Francis made himself right at home playing this amazing musical instrument, noting that “the music flowed out of my mind.” While Francis was busy “falling in love with the organ” his audience was entranced with the beautiful melodies he provided. For an hour Francis played song after song, entertaining the crowd with his musical abilities. 

Following his performance, Francis enjoyed a meal with his family and friends featuring the perfect summer menu, catered by Hy-Vee! While mingling with his fans, everyone in attendance signed a unique guest book for Francis, wishing him well and congratulating him on his performance! Francis continues to soak in the bliss of his performance and the sentimental journey of reading the messages from his friends and family, allowing him to relive his special day over and over! One week later, Francis, the music man said he “is ready for his encore!” 

The Dream team was delighted to make the arrangements for Francis’s Dream and would like to thank First Plymouth Congregational Church for sharing their beautiful organ with Francis.