The many photos hanging in Franceola’s room tells a story of a fashionable, young woman with a love for big, fancy hats!

She was first admitted to Florence Home in 2004 for rehabilitation.  For nearly, 14 years she was in-and-out of Florence home and became a permanent resident in 2014 with a dementia diagnosis.  No one knows much of Franceola’s history because of aphasia diagnosis in 2014, which has caused her to lose her ability to speak.

At 86 years old, Franceola is still wearing dresses and hats nearly every day.  Even her teddy bears have oversized hats!

Dreamweaver Foundation wanted to give Franceola an excuse to get dressed up one last time.  With help from Florence Home, we planned an ice cream social for all the residents and our guest of honor, Franceola. We had 7 gallons of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, yummy M&Ms, crushed Oreos, peanuts, and sprinkle toppings, and several different flavors of syrup.  She was dressed for a party with a new ensemble and elegant hat.  She sat intently with her chocolate ice cream listening to her favorite singer, Chaplain Clark from Hillcrest Hospice, sing soothing church hymns.  We treated 80 Florence Home residents and staff to an afternoon sugar rush!

Thank you to April Hauf at Florence Home for nominating Franceola and providing the space to host the party, Evelyn at Von Maur for outfitting Franceola, Chaplain Clark and Family Fare in Florence for their contribution to the ice cream supplies.