Evelyn was born and raised in Indiana. She moved to Nebraska with her husband for the hunting and fishing! Evelyn didn’t hunt, but she would cook her husband’s catch. She has two daughters, Cindy of Florida and Cathy of Ohiowa and one son.

Life was always centered around food. Meals, family gatherings, get-togethers with friends! Evelyn loves her sweets! Especially, Dairy Queen Strawberry Shakes and Chocolate Dipped Cherries. Evelyn reminisces about large family gatherings several times a year. Over the last few years, the get-togethers have decreased with grandkids’ and great-grandchildren’s busy schedules.

AseraCare Hospice Social Worker, Susan Rippe, knows how much Evelyn loves her family and misses making memories together. Susan nominated Evelyn to receive a dream from Dreamweaver Foundation in hopes of getting everyone together again. With help from Cathy, we started planning the surprise party for Evelyn.

As the biggest surprise, we flew Cindy and her husband, Randy, from Florida to enjoy the time with Evelyn. Evelyn was welcomed and very surprised to see nearly 25 family members; including grandsons she hasn’t seen for years, many growing great-grandchildren and her sister she hasn’t seen in five years.

After a few hellos and hugs, photographer Jessie Johnson took family photos to ensure memories from the day were captured. The family enjoyed the rest of the afternoon catching up, eating pizza, breadsticks and cookies.

Cathy said, the afternoon was just fantastic. Evelyn was tickled to see everyone and enjoyed visiting.

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank AseraCare Hospice for nominating Evelyn, Premier Estate of Crete, Pizza Hut and Jessie Johnson.