The most important thing to Ethel was her family. She told stories of her husband and their lives in the military, their adventures and their memories with their family. She spoke about children and grandchildren and “always enjoying each other’s company.” For her Dream, a simple meal with her family was all she wanted.

Instead of choosing a restaurant, Ethel and her son Jay decided it would be wonderful to have a home-cooked meal. So, with the help of Dreamweaver, her son was able to go grocery shopping for her favorite dishes and prepare a delicious dinner.

Ethel arrived at her son’s house in a limo, and everyone was very impressed with her style! So impressed, that a few of the family members took a ride in the stretch limousine and cruised around the neighborhood. Ethel enjoyed riding around her old neighborhood and reflecting on the memories made there.

All were gathered together for a meal of celebration and togetherness. Ethel was thrilled to share this time with everyone, especially with a home cooked meal to eat.

She returned to Sumner Place later that evening with a bright smile.

Thank you to VIP Limo and Sumner Place for making this Dream possible!