With colorful hair, cheerful smiles and incredible singing voices—who couldn’t love a Troll? They are such loveable creatures from the Disney film. However, no one loves a Troll’s Party quite like Ellen. For her Dream, she wanted to be surrounded by the magic and joy that the Trolls could bring.

Alissa from Kindred Hospice nominated Ellen to receive this Dream. While planning, we talked about her favorite foods, music and decorations. It was important to Ellen to have all the Trolls represented on her big day, but most importantly, Poppy. So Dreamweaver purchased all the Poppy décor they could find.

On the day of her Dream, Ellen and some friends gathered to have a soup and sandwich meal from Panera. It was a warm and wonderful meal for a chilly fall day. She was grateful for the meal, but was excited for what was to come next!

With the help of Dreamweaver volunteers and staff from Emerald Nursing, the dining room was transformed into a Troll’s Paradise! With streamers and piñatas, to photo booth and center pieces— everything was decorated in bright and colorful Troll’s themed décor.

The cake was cut (chocolate was Ellen’s favorite) and served to all the residents who joined in the party. “Can’t Stop the Feelin” was playing in the background as Ellen and residents enjoyed trying on fun Troll’s accessories and taking photos.

It was a fun afternoon with sweets and songs. Ellen was happy to see her favorite characters everywhere she looked—from her new t-shirt to the candy in the piñata—everything was Trolls and she was thrilled!