Elisabeth is known by most as “Beppie”. A bright, cheery, and playful lady, Beppie has a large supportive family that wanted to celebrate her incredible life. Beppie is originally from Holland and ritually partakes in Tea Time. All of her family members have teapots and hundreds of memories of Beppie gathering everyone around to drink tea.

When thinking about a Dream for Beppie, her family knew that an elaborate tea party would be exactly what she wanted. The location of the tea party was important—big enough to fit all her friends and family, and beautiful enough to hold such a significant event. It was decided that afternoon tea at Lauritzen Gardens would be best.

Close to 75 people gathered for tea on a Sunday afternoon for Beppie. Her head table was elegantly decorated with a full tea set from Simply Delicious, flowers, and cheerful hats. Six other tables surrounded her, filled with smiling friends and family telling stories of their favorite tea times.

All authentic Holland desserts were brought in for the occasion, her favorite being chocolate sprinkles on white bread and butter. There were different selections of flavored teas and delicious hot appetizers. Beppie was overwhelmed by the beauty and fun.

After a while of eating and conversation, everyone gathered to take pictures with the queen of tea herself. Beppie didn’t mind being in the center spotlight of the photos, and her smile shined brightest of them all.

Her family expressed gratitude for Dreamweaver providing such a special day for Beppie and were thankful for so much more than tea.