The trip started out great!  A limo driver picked me and my daughter up!  I felt like a queen!  Still another surprise; Ruth met us at Eppley Airfield and took pictures along with a gift for my son and daughter-in-law.  I was so surprised at all of the attention, for example the clothes and coat that the ladies bought.  My daughter, Terry, made the comment “who are these people” because of all of the great things that were happening.  She also said, “I deserved it.”  That made me proud of her.

We were so excited the delay in Chicago was nothing we just thought about our visit with the boys.  We arrived in Rhode Island pretty late in the evening and my son was at the airport with a bouquet of flowers for me.  The next morning I saw my grandsons.  I asked the four year old did he know who I was and he said, “Grandma Dorothy.”  My heart just burst open; it was like music to my ears!

Adam, the four year old is very active and animated.  Theodore is the quiet one, he is nine years old.  Adam, the active one entertained us every day.  Theodore was at ski camp for half of our trip, but we enjoyed him and his brother every minute.  I was so busy taking pictures I didn’t get into many of them.

The timing worked out so that we were there for my son’s birthday on February 17th.  I have not been with him on his birthday since I don’t know when.  My daughter’s birthday was January 28 and my grandson’s was February 12th…  This was a special treat since I have not been with my son to celebrate their birthday in many years.  Thanks to the Dreamweaver Foundation I was able to take everyone out for dinner at the Pagoda Restaurant.  Oh my goodness did we have fun!  I also got to take my grandson’s shopping at the mall to buy themselves a gift from grandma.

The weather was very cold, real cold.  There was no new snow but plenty of old snow.  The last day a storm hit in the evening and our flight was cancelled.  We stayed an extra day and got to spend it with my family.  I have so many memories of this visit to last forever.

Thank you for everything.  This truly was the best trip ever!!