There is nothing Dorothy loves better than spending time with her family. When the Dreamweaver team met Dorothy, she mentioned she enjoys fishing and would love to get back on the water with her loved ones. The Dreamweaver team enlisted the help of our friends at Live Well Go Fish so Dorothy and her family could spend quality time together boating around Lake Wanahoo. 

Dorothy’s Dream started with a ride to the lake in a stretch limousine. Everyone was full of energy upon arrival, and we knew it was going to be a morning filled with laughs, hugs, and lots of sweet treats. The Live Well Go Fish crew had many fun activities in store for Dorothy and her family. Along with fishing, they flew a kite around the lake and played with bubbles. Their time on the water even included a little kiss from one of the fish Dorothy caught! 

Our friend and photographer, Amber Lihs, was able to capture priceless moments and the bountiful amount of love between Dorothy and her family. The Dreamweaver team is so glad we could orchestrate such a heartwarming day on the water, and the creation of special memories, for our Dreamer, Dorothy.