In a bright yellow room, Sarah, the esthetician, gently held Dora’s 102-year-old hands. With a rainbow of colors before them, she let Dora select her favorite nail polish. Dora’s dream was to be pampered and relaxed at an in-home spa day.

Pointing to a deep, bold red polish, Dora says “This one!” with a smile. The color was “Bloodline” which was coincidentally appropriate for the conversations about Dora’s life during her beauty treatment.

Dora was born in 1916 in a small rural town outside of Kansas City. A time before television and WiFi, she enjoyed spending quality time with her family. In 1957 she followed her brother and sister to Omaha and established a home that would be the gathering place for over five generations.

As Sarah began trimming, filing, and massaging Dora’s hands, Dora’s daughter and caregiver Anne shared the family history. Dora and Anne laughed as they conversed back and forth about memories with brothers, husbands, grandchildren and sisters. Dora even went to visit her sister in Kansas City last year to celebrate her 100th birthday. Their family bloodline is strong, compassionate, and full of longevity.

Sarah’s aromatic products filled the room, creating a serene spa-like atmosphere. Calming music played in the background as Dora’s 102-year-old skin was moisturized, massaged, and held. The bold red polish looked wonderful against Dora’s skin. She was thrilled!

After her manicure, Sarah gave Dora a gentle facial. With warm water and soothing products, Dora’s skin was glowing. Her smile and caring eyes showed gratitude. She continually shared how relaxed and good she felt.

Dora’s daughter Anne stood in the doorway and watched her mother getting cared for, as Dora had done for many others years ago. Dora’s great-grandchild was playing in the living room, energetically popping into the room to see her. All three women in that home were loving, humorous, lively.

Dreamweaver delivered a beautiful spring bouquet of flowers and Dora’s favorite Butter Pecan ice cream. She’ll be able to enjoy these simple treats for the rest of the week. With newly polished nails and beautifully moisturized skin, Dora thanked the esthetician, Sarah, for her work and Dreamweaver staff Lindsay for helping make her Dream come true.

Thank you to Sarah from Curb Appeal Salon, HyVee Floral, and Hillcrest nominator Monica for making Dora’s day of relaxation possible.