Donna enjoys dressing up, wearing makeup and always looking and feeling her best. She shared stories of going to the mall in her younger years, strolling the aisles to find the perfect outfit for an event. She also makes sure to “never leave the house without lipstick!”

This was a particularly special Dream because it was the 300th Dream that Dreamweaver has fulfilled for seniors! Donna and her friend pulled up to Westroads Mall in a stretch limo and were greeted by giant gold 3-0-0 balloons! It was an exciting day for both Donna and Dreamweaver.

With the help of two Dreamweaver volunteers, Donna got to stroll the aisles of the department store once again. She knew what she wanted and was very decisive! Donna didn’t have a particular event in mind for her outfits, she just knew she wanted a whole new look.

She spent time in the fitting room trying on bright and bold sweaters and blouses, comfortable and sleek pants. She was thrilled with how everything looked and everyone complimented her on her beauty!

After her outfits were chosen, Donna knew she had to put jewelry and makeup together to complete the look. She strolled around Sephora for the perfect shade of red lipstick—she found a few! She chose some sparkling earrings and necklaces for her outfits to look just right.

As her shopping spree concluded, Donna and her friend got back into the limo to head over to Cascio’s for a nice dinner. Donna was a waitress there many years ago and was pleased to go back and see that it’s just as delicious as before.

“Today was excellent!” Donna shared when speaking about her Dream Day with a big smile. She appreciated all the help from Dreamweaver volunteers and had an absolutely joyous day doing what she loved to do most.

Thank you to VIP Limo and Cascio’s for making Donna’s Dream Day possible.