It just so happens that Joan and her daughter, Donna, not only live in the same residence, but they also share the same birthday- August 11. The Dream Team was approached by Activities Director, Monika, at Brookestone Meadows to help plan a double birthday party for the two ladies.

When the planning process began, Donna and Joan knew they’d enjoy getting their hair and nails done before the big party. They both love the color blue so a blue, floral theme was chosen for the party, even including their new outfits and shoes. Hy-Vee catering provided the “surf and turf” meal for Joan, Donna, and their family and friends in the Brookestone Meadows family dining room. Their cake had a big rainbow on it, thanks to the brilliant thinking of Donna’s granddaughter.

The mother-daughter duo enjoy listening to 50’s and 60’s music, and they both enjoy dancing. To get all of the party attendees into the festive fun, The Generations were invited to play at the big birthday bash and did a fabulous job! The band even sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girls, who were seen making up some dance moves from their chairs.

Photographer, Amber Lihs, took family photos during the birthday celebration. She was able to capture the moment the birthday ladies arrived to their party and saw all their guests. After the excitement of the party festivities and chatting with their family and friends, Joan and Donna were ready to return to their rooms to rest. All in all, the double birthday Dream for the mother-daughter duo was a success!

Dreamweaver Foundation was pleased to throw a birthday party for Joan and Donna that will be long remembered.