A lot of people have a favorite place where they enjoy spending time. For Donna, that special place is Babe’s Bar in Bellevue. Over the years, Babe’s has been the venue where many fond memories were created for Donna, ranging from meeting her husband, mornings with her best gal friends, and laughter – lots and lots of laughter! Knowing just how special Babe’s is to her, the Dreamweaver Foundation was contacted to help Donna celebrate her birthday with her friends at Babe’s one last time.

When the Dream Team met with Donna, she was overjoyed with the idea of returning to Babe’s to celebrate her birthday. Plus, Donna is one of the world’s BIGGEST Kansas City Chiefs fans, so it was only fitting to incorporate the Chiefs in her big day!

On the day of her birthday celebration, Donna got up bright and early, donned her new Chiefs Superbowl Championship outfit, and headed to Babe’s Bar at 7:30 a.m.! Upon arriving, Donna was showered with love by her closest friends, son, and grandson, all gathered at their regular hangout spot. Babe’s Bar was also dressed up for the occasion, embellished with Chief’s decorations, and, at Donna’s request, a banana cream pie! Donna sipped on Miller Light while reconnecting and laughing with her friends and family.

We couldn’t let Donna’s birthday pass without providing her with the perfect gifts, an autographed photo of Chief’s quarterback Len Dawson and a Len Dawson jersey! Kelli Mae Photography was on hand to capture the fun, catching all the smiles and surprises on camera for Donna and her family to enjoy long after this day is over.

After enjoying her time at Babe’s, Donna made her way to another beloved favorite, Romeo’s Mexican Food and Pizza restaurant! At Romeo’s, Donna enjoyed a margarita and her favorite meal, topping off the perfect day. When Donna returned home, she had a massive smile on her face. A day out visiting with her friends at her favorite places was just what Donna needed! And the Dream Team was happy to be a part of it.