“To many the words ‘love’, ‘hope’ and ‘dreams’ are synonymous with horses…if you never love a horse, you will never understand.” -Sir Winston Churchill

It only took a few minutes after we met Donna to learn of her profound love of horses. Donna’s lifelong passion for horses led her in numerous directions, from breeding and raising horses to working at numerous horse tracks across the Midwest.

Donna has a colorful past with many stories of jockeys and the shenanigans she took part in. Even going so far as to gain the nickname ‘Mama Doocy’ as many believed she was the mother to famous jockey, Tim Doocy. As time has passed, Donna’s love for horses has not wavered, and for her Dream, she simply wanted to spend some time enjoying the company of horses.

Sporting a new shirt featuring her favorite Appaloosa horses and the name ‘Mama Doocy’ on the back, Donna made her way to Serenity Ridge Farm. Once there, Donna was greeted with a welcoming embrace from the owner, Greg, his daughter, Kayla, fellow horse enthusiast, Lilly, and Dreamweaver volunteer, Shane.

Donna wasted no time getting acquainted with the numerous horses at Serenity Ridge Farm. She used her horse sense, and some carrot sticks to quickly gain the trust of her new equine friends. While making her rounds in the barn, Donna made sure to spend time chatting gleefully with each horse. After several hours, Donna decided her favorite horse was 31-year-old Mack.

Throughout her visit to Serenity Ridge Farm, Donna was welcomed with generous hospitality, ears eager to listen to her stories, and genuine interest in creating fond memories for her. With help from Mack and the rest of the horses, Greg, Kayla, Lilly, and Shane, Donna has a new horse story to add to her collection.

Dreamweaver Foundation is happy we could reconnect Donna with her passion and create memories she will surely cherish.