Our Dreamer, Debra, has a heart of gold. Being such a kind person, she developed many strong relationships with her team of caregivers, nurses, and social workers, caring for the people who care for her. When Debra found out she was nominated to Dreamweaver and would be receiving a Dream, she chose to share it with them, getting to spend more time with some of her favorite people.

Debra asked for a meal at her favorite restaurant, La Mesa, looking forward to sharing this special place with her team of caregivers. To make sure it would be a memorable day, Debra was pampered with a lovely new outfit.  And with the help of her nurse, Jessica, Debra’s hair was curled and styled, makeup done, and nails painted!

Debra and her closest friends/caregivers were driven in the luxury of a limo to their lunch. They arrived at La Mesa in true style, and stepped out of the limo, looking their best.  The group dined on delicious food, sipped fancy drinks, and enjoyed each other’s company. Debra had so much fun and was so tickled to be out with her friends and treat them to such a special day!