At the age of 13 Debbie was diagnosed with Epilepsy and from that point on life was never easy.  Despite taking the maximum dose of medication she continued to have grand mal seizures.  It wasn’t until her fifties that advances in technology made it possible for doctors to find that Debbie had developed a brain tumor.  Once removed, life started getting better for Debbie.  At age 63 Debbie was diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma (cancer in the lining of the abdomen).  Thanks to The Dreamweaver Foundation, Debbie was able to spend a few days, with her sisters at sea.

The adventure started before the plane ever left the ground.  Debbie was surprised with a shopping spree to buy a few new outfits and was given a “Bon Voyage” card with some spending money for the cruise.  She looked fabulous and loved showing off her new wardrobe.  Boarding the Carnival “Paradise”, Debbie and her sisters began to explore the ship as they made their way to the Lido Deck for lunch.  Janine and Kim joked they should’ve followed Debbie around to gently push up her lower jaw as they toured the multiple levels of the ship and gazed out at the coastline as they set sail!

The trip included many “first” experiences for Debbie; the taste of escargot and alligator at dinner, a spa day complete with the threading and shaping of her eyebrows.   She toured three ship wrecks, several gorgeous coral reefs and a fish feeding show on a Semi Submarine.  Janine and Kim watched as their sister took her first dip in the crystal clear turquoise ocean, playing and giggling like a little kid.  Debbie, Janine and Kim even shared a “first”, together when they swam with the dolphins.  Each were taught “signs”  to signal the dolphin to be pet, dance, and get a kiss on the cheek.

The memories from Debbie’s Dream experience will comfort her knowing that she has these new, exciting, fun, loving and silly memories to hold dear and to distract her during the hard times.

Janine and Kim arranged a compilation of photos and video from Debbie’s Dream.  Please enjoy.