Deanna and Tony celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary in May. The couple’s family planned a party in their honor at Brookestone Meadows in the family dining room. Dreamweaver Foundation was grateful to be part of the celebration. 

In preparation for her big day, Deanna was pampered with freshly painted nails and a new outfit. After an informal fashion show of outfit options in her room, she chose a royal blue shell paired with a flowy, lightweight, blue patterned sweater. Black slacks completed her outfit. And as perfect finishing touches, she wore a white flower corsage and her new favorite red cardinal necklace.  

A beautiful floral arrangement, guest book, and “Happy Anniversary, Deanna and Tony” banner set the tone for a wonderful celebration. In the dining room were personalized scrapbooks and framed pictures from their wedding, anniversaries, family parties, trips, and other joyous events over the past 44 years. And everyone gathered to watch a video that had been made for their 25th wedding anniversary. Guests were asked to sign a picture frame for Deanna and Tony to keep.  The party featured 50s music playing in the background and the celebration felt quite nostalgic.  

Deanna had requested her favorite meal for the celebration: Ribeye steak! It had been two years since she had enjoyed a ribeye, and she couldn’t have been happier. Along with the steak were baked potatoes, asparagus, salad, rolls, and of course, strawberry shortcake; the entire meal was provided by our friends at Hy-Vee catering. 

A very special moment occurred during the gathering when her grandson, who is in the Army, appeared at the party and surprised her. It had been six years since they had seen each other. It was an emotional, yet happy reunion for both! Deanna loved celebrating her marriage and anniversary party with their family. Most importantly, she loved sitting hand-in-hand with her husband. The couple shared many smiles and kisses; Deanna even got a little “flirty” with him, which her family thought was sweet. The Dreamweaver team is honored to have helped Deanna and Tony celebrate their love for each other.