Dawana had always dreamed of getting a tattoo, even as a teenager, but her parents wouldn’t allow it. Now, she knew it was the perfect time to finally check it off her bucket list. One of her favorite care team nurses designed a personalized tattoo for her—a butterfly with the ALS ribbon. She chose to place it on her forearm so she could see it every day and be reminded of her strength and resilience.

When the day of her tattoo appointment finally arrived, Dawana was on cloud nine. At American Tattoo, she met her artist, Eric, and couldn’t stop smiling. He went above and beyond to make her comfortable, walking her step by step through the entire process. Knowing she was in good hands; Dawana not only didn’t flinch during the process—she even took the opportunity to enjoy a nap! Talk about one tough woman!

Afterwards, Dawana and her friends celebrated her dream tattoo experience with her favorite meal and drink—Red Lobster and non-alcoholic mango margaritas. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day. Every time Dawana looks down at her arm, she smiles with happiness!