David dedicated his life to helping others.  His mom would often say, “He was born with it.” That “it” was the desire to help others. His entire 45-year career focused on caring for the needs of others.  He calls himself a jack-of-all-trades because of the diverse roles he’s held.  David’s done it all– from supervising staff in housekeeping and dietary, fundraising and public relations.  What makes this extra special is that he spent the entire 45 years of his health care career in his hometown of Kearney.

Being a proud life-long Kearney resident, you can bet David has many great family members and friends.  The most important thing in his life are the people he surrounds himself with.  He expressed his desire to give back to these people while chatting with Prairie, Bereavement Coordinator from AseraCare in Kearney.  Prairie knew just who could help make David’s dream come true.

On a beautiful Friday morning, Your Own Limousine rolled up to Mount Carmel in a 20 person Escalade Limo.  As David’s friends and family piled into the limo, he couldn’t help but think of the wonderful times he has spent with each person and how excited he is to create a new memory.

The limo took the long way to David’s favorite restaurant and old stomping grounds, Tru Café, just a few miles from Mount Carmel.  As he entered Tru Café, the familiar aromas of coffee and homemade recipes filled him with sweet memories.  Twenty-eight friends and family in all celebrated and honored David.

David had an incredible afternoon catching up with friends, laughing about old memories and cherishing the new.

David’s desire to help others invigorated him to contact Seth Denney from NTV News.  David wants others to know the dangers and consequences from years of smoking.  View David’s feature on NTV’s Vital Signs, https://nebraska.tv/news/health/vital-signs-copd-sufferer-offers-warning-to-smokers .  NTV followed-up with David and Dreamweaver Foundation Executive Director, Cheri, at his dream https://nebraska.tv/news/local/organization-plans-special-day-for-terminally-ill-kearney-resident.

Thank you AseraCare Kearney, Your Own Limousine, Tru Café, and NTV News for helping make David’s dreams come true.