Darlene and her husband, Stan, have enjoyed a lifetime of adventure and love. For most of their years together, they have resided on a quiet and beautiful property in the country in Logan, Iowa. Darlene shared stories of family and friends; an abundant collection of love.

After a challenging year of health issues, Darlene needed some hope. Both she and her husband were fighting cancer, while being caregivers to their son who had lost both of his legs in an accident. The family helped each other through—driving to and from doctors and sharing meals together.  Dr. Melissa Teply nominated Darlene to receive a Dream. She spoke of Darlene’s kindness and humility, stating that she was most deserving of something special.

After speaking with Darlene, she decided that returning to Branson, Missouri one last time would be incredible. She laughed as she recalled memories of her friends and family on vacation. They used to visit the shops, play at the pool, and go to comedy shows. “I just love comedy shows. Everyone walks out of there with a smile on their face. We need more of that!” she exclaimed.

Dreamweaver arranged the hotel and transportation, sent road trip snacks and a map, and the couple was off! Darlene and Stan spent four days and three nights making new memories in a town they truly loved.  “We really did have a great time. The people were kind, the hotel was nice,” Darlene said as she recalled events from their getaway weekend. She spoke about the delicious food, the Dixie Stampede Show, and Hurts Donuts.

Her most memorable moment was when Stan finally agreed to take the Old Style Western photos she’d been begging him to do for years. “He finally did it!” she laughed, talking about the dresses and props and the quirkiness of the photographer. “We made memories we won’t ever forget,” Darlene said softly.

Branson had changed over the years since the Pitt’s last visited. It was a bit louder and more tourists walked the streets than before. Regardless of the changes, Darlene was simply happy to get away to a fun city with her husband. Her recent years have been filled with selfless service to others, while battling her own health issues. She had given care and smiles to all, now it was time for Darlene to have smiles and care for herself.

Darlene and Stan returned back to their quiet country home in a limo at the end of their trip. Their home was now filled with new memories and laughs to add on top of all of their love.

Thank you to VIP Limo, AVIS, Hampton Inn, and Dr. Teply for making this Dream possible.