Staying busy with a favorite hobby is a great way to keep your mind off life’s stressors.  For Dale, his passion for woodworking and building things has kept him occupied and happy during his battle with cancer. His hospice social worker, Payton, noticed this about Dale – when his hands were busy, his mind was calmer.

She nominated Dale to receive the kind of Dream that would help keep his hands occupied and his mind at peace. Dale’s dream was to build a wagon-style flower planter for his friends at Brookside Rehabilitation Center in Lincoln to enjoy long after his time here on earth had ended. With Payton’s guidance, we were able to find the perfect project for Dale’s legacy gift. Dale’s eyes lit up when he was presented with the big box! As a finishing touch, we included a personalized miniature Nebraska license plate with Dale’s name on it, as a way for him to sign his thoughtful gift!

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank Tabitha Hospice for introducing us to Dale through the Dream nomination process!