As a mother of 14, Coletta thrives on being at the center of the action. Her loving family had planned a big party for her to celebrate her 95th birthday last March, but unfortunately those plans had to be scrapped because of the emergence of the pandemic. It has been a very quiet and lonely year for Coletta, who is used to be surrounded by her loved ones.  Coletta’s daughter Christie wanted her mom’s 96th birthday party to be bigger and better to make up for the lost time, and she reached out to Dreamweaver

 Foundation to create a Dream birthday party and family reunion in honor of Coletta!

Sumner Place in Lincoln loves Coletta and her family, and the administration worked closely with us to ensure that the party fit within their COVID-19 guidelines.  After more than a year of waiting to celebrate, and a week of rain—we couldn’t have picked a better day than May 23rd to gather at  Antelope Park in Lincoln to honor Coletta! 

We helped Coletta’s daughter and granddaughter select a beautiful new outfit from Von Maur to wear to the party.  Dressed in the peach blazer with her hair done and lipstick on, Coletta beamed with pride and excitement when she arrived at the party and was greeted by family members that she had not been able to see for over a year.    

The family enjoyed all of Coletta’s favorites: roast beef, fried chicken, baked potatoes, “fancy” green beans, and plenty of strawberry rhubarb pie, as they shared memories and got caught up.  This was an afternoon to remember, and we made sure that Amber Rae Photography was there to capture special moments from the party and formal family pictures in the beautiful park setting.

A party like this would not be possible without the help of our friends!   Thank you to – everyone at Sumner Place for helping us plan a great day for Coletta; Midwest Medical Transport for helping with transportation; Evelyn at Von Maur for helping us find the perfect outfit; Tom at the 50th and O Street Hy-Vee for making sure the food was perfect; and Amber Rae Photography for capturing the magic!