Claudia was so excited when she found out she had been nominated for a Dream with Dreamweaver Foundation, and immediately knew she wanted to spend it with her family! She had heard the new Avatar movie – Avatar: The Way of Water – was coming out the week of her daughter’s birthday and decided seeing it together would be the perfect Dream. They both had loved the first Avatar movie, so Claudia eagerly marked her calendar for December 16th, the date the new movie was set to premier in theatres. 

When opening night finally arrived, Claudia, four of her family members, her favorite nurse- Jamece, Dreamweaver Foundation volunteer- Polly, and Diamond- their VIP Limo driver, all gathered together to make Claudia’s Dream a night to remember! She was showered with love from the moment the limo picked everyone up at St. Joseph Villa.  

Claudia was excited to have dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, Texas Roadhouse. Everyone had a wonderful time eating the delicious food and catching up with one another. After dinner, Claudia and her entourage stepped back into their limo and headed to Village Pointe Cinema to see this new Avatar movie in 3D. Claudia loved the movie, especially in 3D! She said it was the best movie she’s ever seen and recommends it to everyone! 

Claudia was so grateful to be surrounded by her family and enjoy a night out on the town! Feeling pampered and loved, Claudia noted “It was one of the best nights of my life!” The Dreamweaver team was so happy we could help Claudia and her family make beautiful memories for them to cherish.