Cindy had always longed to visit Nashville, TN. And when she was nominated for a Dream by her niece, Cindy was so excited to learn that her dream trip was finally happening!  

After flying into Nashville, Cindy checked into the Sheraton Grand Hotel.  A restaurant across the street from this hotel served Cindy one of her favorite meals. It was delicious and she was delighted!

Cindy desperately wanted to tour the Grand Ole Opry. Unfortunately, Carrie Underwood was set to perform at the Opry on June 6th so there were no tours for people outside of Carrie’s official fan club group. But that didn’t stop Cindy from having a wonderful time walking around and getting a glimpse into the history of the famous music hall. Another destination on Cindy’s list was to visit the downtown Nashville public library. And she was thrilled to be able to walk around this beautiful and stately century-old building. 

Cindy told the Dreamweaver team that she had a lot of fun touring the city that she had always dreamed of visiting.  And the Dreamweaver team was pleased to make Cindy’s Dream come true!