Christina’s daughter Theresa knew that if she told her mom about a party, she would say “Oh, that’s too much of a hassle.” Christina was a simple woman who wouldn’t want much of a fuss. But a party was in order—it was her 45thwedding anniversary. And that is something to celebrate!

The room was decorated in royal and light blue balloons and décor, just as their wedding reception was decorated many years before. 50 family members and friends came to hug, celebrate, cheer on and hear stories of their marriage. Christina and her husband walked into the room and were overwhelmed with happiness. Even though she normally wouldn’t want to make a big deal out of something, having everyone gathered together certainly was special.

They spent the evening enjoying an Italian dinner catered from Mangia, a marble sheet cake decorated with blue roses, and true quality time together Christina was dressed beautifully in a green jacket and jewelry from Von Maur while her husband matched in a green polo.

Friends and family signed around one of their old wedding photos that Dreamweaver put in a new frame. They signed their well wishes, their loving memories, and kind words of the happy couple.

Everyone enjoyed their time together. Her family expressed their gratitude for Dreamweaver for putting on a special party for a very deserving couple. Keeping the big surprise a secret was challenging, but all worth the wait—sometimes like a great marriage.