Chip is a “jack of all trades”. Spending many years working at BMW in Kansas City, dealing firearms, protecting businesses as a security guard and most recently photographing and filming around Auburn, NE. He is an avid biker and loves his two dogs and parrot. Through it all, faith as always been his center. Devoting many hours giving back to his church community.

When he was a young man, Chip moved from Canada to the United States. Returning to Canada several times a year, especially around his mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day. Chip was recently diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to make it home to spend Mother’s Day with his 96 year old mum. His church community wanted to do something to make sure the trip happened. It was perfect timing because they had just heard about Dreamweaver Foundation from another parishioner that recently had her dream fulfilled.

Chip and his wife Janell made it back to London, Canada just in time to spend four days over Mother’s Day Weekend, spoiling Chip’s mum. They ate at her favorite Chinese restaurant and shopped at all her favorite stores!

Here is what Chip said, before he left:

Janell and I are just plain mystified as to how to truly express our deepest thanks to you for making this dream come true. I guess it is all finally sinking in now that you have everything all lined up for us and the reality that it is really going to happen is QUITE WONDERFUL.

Thank you again Ashley for your selfless nature of service to others. I am certain that my family also so appreciates your gift to us. I don’t know when, if ever, that I could have visited my family again if you hadn’t helped us as you have, and I am so excited that it is starting in just four days. WOW!

God Bless you for all of this joy that you and Dreamweaver have provided.

Chip & Janell”

It was our pleasure fulfilling Chip’s Dream. Thank you Travel and Transport for helping us make flight arrangements.