Catherine and her granddaughter Billy Jo have always had a special bond. Catherine was the one who was there for Billy Jo growing up.  According to Billy Jo, her grandmother was her rock, her support and her encouragement. Now, as Catherine faces the end of her life, Billy Jo wants to be there for her.   Catherine’s dream was for a special time for the two of them to once again share a moment that would last forever.

The Dreamweaver Foundation created a special day for the two of them to share. Billy Jo and Catherine rode together in the limo to Lauritzen Gardens where the chauffeur opened the shiny black door, assisted them in getting the wheelchair situated, and all the while making Catherine feel like a queen for the day. Neither Catherine nor Billy Jo had even been to Lauritzen Gardens so both were wide eyed as they took in the sights and smells surrounding them.

What a day! Catherine was treated to lunch and given the traditional dreamers blanket which she quickly wrapped up in with a big smile on her face. Billy Jo helped her grandmother put on the necklace she was given and talked about how her grandmother had taught her to care for plants and flowers when she was little. The love and admiration of an adoring granddaughter were apparent as she helped her grandmother with her food and tucked her in to the blanket stay warm. Over lunch Billy Jo shared stories of their life and how much her grandmother meant to her. With a young family, Billy Jo isn’t able to spend as much time with her grandmother as she would like, so having this special day was not only a great dream for Catherine, it was a wonderful gift for Billy Jo.

Life slips by so quickly and before you know it, it is gone. Taking a day to stop and smell the roses and enjoy just being together is really what dreams are made of, and that is what the Dreamweaver Foundation does – each dreamer is given an opportunity to step outside of their situation and enjoy a moment with someone they love.

Photos by Diana Koger