Thanksgiving at Carol’s house has been a tradition for years. Each time the holiday comes around, Carol hosts over 30 people and makes the entire meal in her kitchen. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing and pies, she does it all! Gathering with her family at a bountiful Thanksgiving table is the most important thing. She cherishes each child and grandchild and friend with lots of love.

This year, Carol thought about maybe doing things a little differently. With the help of her nominator, Lydia, Carol decided that it was time to move the Thanksgiving meal outside of her house. She wanted more space and wanted each person to have a spot at the table. Sometimes having the meal in her house felt crowded—she wanted everyone to be able to spread out and see each other. This way, she felt like she could share more quality time with each of her loved ones.

Dreamweaver knew how to make this experience special. After a shopping trip to get her a new beautiful outfit and a call to VIP Limo to book her fabulous transportation (it was her first time in a limo!), Carol knew she would have a great day.

Thanksgiving was a beautiful sunny day. Friends and family gathered downtown at J. Gilbert’s for the meal. The entire private dining room was set for them, a beautiful upstairs space overlooking downtown Omaha. There was lots of room to spread out and enjoy each other’s company!

Carol said the food was “absolutely delicious” and she liked spending quality time outside of her home with her loved ones. She said the restaurant felt special. J. Gilbert’s prepared a Thanksgiving meal with all the traditional fixings and Carol and her family enjoyed every single bite! Enjoying good food and being with family, they’re the most important things to Carol, no matter the day.

Thank you to the event staff at J. Gilberts, VIP Limo, and CHI Hospice for making this Dream a reality for Carol and her family.