Butch has always dreamt of winning the big jackpot! For as long as he can remember, he has loved the rush and excitement of gambling, specifically slot machines! The most he has won is a couple thousand dollars and it went back into his gambling fund to try to win more money! He and his daughter, Marjorie, share the love and rush of gambling. She reminisces about trips when they would spend 22 hours gambling.
It was no surprise, when Amy from South Haven nominated Butch to fulfill a Dream that he would want to go to a casino with his gambling partner, Marjorie, for another chance to win the jackpot!
Dreamweaver Foundation wanted to help Butch win big! On Easter Sunday afternoon, Butch and Marjorie left South Haven Living Center in style…they were escorted to Ameristar Casino by VIP Limo. They didn’t waste any time once they arrived at Ameristar. Skipping dinner and staying up until 4:00AM gambling. Butch won $800, but used his winnings to keep gambling!
Dreamweaver would like to thank our partners South Haven, VIP Limo and Ameristar Casino for fulfilling Butch’s Dream.