It was the first time Bruce’s daughter Erin, son-in-law Camilo and granddaughter Marley visited Nebraska. Coming from Georgia in December, his family knew it would be important to pack warm clothes for their visit. But upon their arrival, the warm sun was shining bright and the family was ready to see Bruce for the first time in over 30 years.

Over the course of those 30 years, a lot has happened. Bruce joined the Army, made the best hot wings in town (with his secret recipe still unknown to anyone) and was involved in a serious car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. During this time, he kept a good relationship with his sister Kathy, who lives in Florida.

For his Dream, Bruce wanted to see his daughter Erin and meet his granddaughter, who he has pictures of in his room but has never seen in person. With the help of AseraCare Hospice and Dreamweaver Foundation, a grand reunion took place.

The family flew from Georgia to Nebraska. They drove from Omaha to Beatrice, excitedly awaiting their time with Bruce. Little three-year-old Marley was a great traveler and was all smiles in a new state. Their time with Bruce was special—many hugs and tears throughout the week as they recounted memories and caught up on years past.

Meeting his granddaughter Marley and spending time with his daughter Erin was a Dream come true for Bruce. His time with family was extraordinarily special.

Thank you to AseraCare Hospice Beatrice and Travel and Transport for making this Dream a reality.