In Saline County, Nebraska you will find the small village of Western. Western is home to a few hundred people and is where Brenda grew up. With her all-school alumni reunion on the horizon, the staff at Hillcrest Lakeshore wanted to help Brenda return to Western.  So, they reached out to Dreamweaver for assistance. 

The Dream team worked their magic!  Many moving parts and two van rentals later, Brenda, along with her husband and daughter, set off on the journey back to her hometown to attend the reunion!

Brenda graduated in 1959 in a class of six people, and on May 29, 2023, she was reunited with three of her four remaining classmates. She was thrilled to reconnect with her friends and ‘was in awe of who everyone grew up to be.’ While gathered, Brenda and her classmates reminisced about ‘the good ole days’ as well as catching up on everything that had happened since they last connected. Brenda’s daughter, Carin, shared that she had heard stories about Brenda’s classmates all her life, and it was nice to finally put a face to the names. Brenda was also thrilled to reunite her husband with one of her classmates, Gary. Brenda’s husband and Gary had served together in the military.  

While in her hometown, Brenda made sure to stop by a few special locations. Brenda made her way to the cemetery in town, her old school, and drove by the location of her childhood home. Brenda was beaming throughout the entire day and “was on cloud 9!”  She proudly talks about her special day back home, and her family finds joy in knowing Brenda will continue to reminisce about it for months to come!  The Dream team was thrilled to play a part in transporting Brenda back to her hometown and the ‘good ole days.’