Brenda Allacher has a beautiful singing voice and a love of music, both of which she uses to spread joy to others. Over the years, Brenda’s vocal career has taken her near and far, traveling as far as Vietnam to perform for soldiers. She credits her break into country music to “The Man in Black,” country music star Johnny Cash!

Not only did Johnny Cash give Brenda her break into country music, she also has a once-in-a-lifetime story about how she met the star. Brenda has many fond memories of Johnny Cash, and for her Dream, she wanted to speak to John Carter Cash and express her gratitude and love for his father, Johnny.

The Dreamweaver team reached out to John Carter Cash’s team, and once they heard about Brenda, they were happy to make her Dream come true! On an icy November afternoon, Brenda enjoyed a zoom call with John Carter Cash! Brenda was able to express her appreciation for Johnny Cash and learn more about John Carter Cash. She also had the opportunity to share with John Carter the unforgettable story of how she met his father, which included, in 1958, the experience of being urinated on by an elephant! We can’t thank John Carter Cash enough for taking the time to talk to Brenda and making her Dream come true!